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Parklab is a 4-acre open space where the energetic Mission Bay neighborhood comes together. A social junction where people and place intersect and notions of community can continually be discovered. We believe that when good ideas meet creative space, radiant possibilities happen.

Currently, we are in an early stage of ideation and we would love to define this space with your help. We are actively seeking new friends, co-creators, artists, eco-mindful fellows, neighborhood stewards, entrepreneurs, design tinkerers of all ages to collaborate on the next big thing.

Together, We are Parklab.


Learn more about what we’re doing to celebrate Mission Bay and the amazing ideas we’re exploring here at Parklab.

Come to Parklab!

We’re in the heart of Mission Bay, centered at 4th Street and Mission Bay Boulevard.

Grow with us, share your ideas, ask questions, join our community: